Hello, I’m Alka Kadha, an Sole Proprietor, a pet professional based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai (India). Find Kapspets AAA on Instagram, , , Youtube. See ya around on the internets!
Since 2008, Dogs are always been a part of my life and love. a dedicated hobby. Not all were show dogs in our kennel at Nagpur & Goa. Some rescued are simply our pets also we help pet lovers for adoption.
Our goal is to sell top quality puppies suitable for show, hunt, service, or companion. We are franchise of small state licensed kennels & Home breeders of KCI (Kennel Club of India) in India. These reputed kennels & Home breeders only have a few dogs, so each one gets lots of attention and the best of care and are with KCI registered.

Kapspets AAA running successfully three retail outlets at Vashi, Shilphata (Navi Mumbai) and Goa.

All our pet products are carefully selected with quality at an affordable price in mind. As one of the leading retailers of pet supplies and pet accessories in the Vashi, shilphata and Goa. We stock a wide range of quality pet foods and accessories products for dogs, cats and small pets as well as those fantastic products for birds and rabbit.

Most important Alka and her team are highly knowledgeable on all products in store and enjoy talking with each customer about their pets and if required can make suggestions on what diet and foods will work best for your particular pet. Our goal is to form lifelong relationships with our customers through understanding their needs and those of their pets.

We are so confident that our service will be second to none and we offer all of our customers our unique five star service guarantee.

Since 2016, Kapspets AAA would like introduce first time in India a Dog park, Dog Gym, Dog pool, Dog Waste and canine fitness center concept and also as one of the leading retailers of pet supplies and pet accessories in india.

Kapspets AAA as the first company in India for manufacturing dog park equipments are one of our newest product lines. We design and manufacture dog agility equipment for use by dogs of all breeds, abilities, sizes, and confidence levels and is becoming more popular in India. Kapspets AAA launched first Dog Park project in Hyderabad Gachiboli, initiated by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) along with approved vendor M/s. Arnav Vishishta Constructions (India) Pvt. Ltd (Hyderabad).

Kapspets Dog pool – Fast growing canine sport of Dock diving, features canine athletes of all ages, sizes and breeds who jump for distance or height from a dock into a deep pool – just like an Olympic long. Canine Fitness Centers are becoming the new trend in pet boarding and care. Everyone knows you need some way to burn off the energy of a pooch, and nothing is better than a pool.

With the growing number of households that own at least one dog, it’s no wonder that communities are moving quickly to accommodate these furry family members. Even our four legged friends need to get out of the house to get some exercise, obedience training, and develop their social skills with other canine and human friends, a great workout that owners will appreciate. Our equipment makes a valuable addition to the life of any dog.

Being in Dogs Park and in dog pool can benefits our pets in these ways – Loosening tight muscles, Increasing circulation, endurance, flexibility, range of motion, balance, coordination and muscle strength, Decreasing swelling, Relaxation, Confidence building, Joint injury, Hip/elbow dysplasia, Spinal injury, Mobility problems, Arthritis, Pre/Post-Surgery, Chronic pain, Geriatrics, Weight reduction.

Kapspets Dog Waste Management – We need to have the right infrastructure in place to make disposal of pet waste easy. Immediately picking up all of the waste, and immediately taking the bag(s) of waste away from the area for proper disposal in a Dog Waste Station or compost bin. Composting removes raw dog waste from the environment where it can pollute groundwater and streams. Good composting destroys pathogens and produces a safe soil amendment.