Beagle for sale in India

Best Offer on Beagle Puppies

Looking for Beagle breed puppies in India? Kapspets AAA, located in Navi Mumbai, is an authorized franchise for kennels situated in Nagpur, Pune, and Goa. We offer a range of Beagle puppies with different bloodlines to suit your preferences. Our prices start from Rs. 25,000 for Normal Pedigree bloodline puppies, while show quality bloodline puppies are priced at Rs. 35,000. Whether you’re looking for a companion or a show-quality Beagle, we have the perfect puppy for you. Contact Kapspets AAA in Navi Mumbai to bring home your adorable Beagle pup today!

Since 2008, Dogs are always been a part of my life and love. a dedicated hobby. Not all were show dogs in our Authorised Franchise kennel at Nagpur & Goa.

Our goal is to sell top quality puppies suitable for show, hunt, service, or companion. We are franchise of small state licensed kennels & Home breeders of KCI (Kennel Club of India) in India. These reputed kennels & Home breeders only have a few dogs, so each one gets lots of attention and the best of care and are with KCI registered.

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