Vadodara Dogs Park

Kapspets AAA Installed Dog Agility Equipment at Doggers Park, Vadodara, Gujarat in June 2022.

In June 2022, Kapspets AAA made a significant contribution to Doggers Park in Vadodara, Gujarat, by installing an extensive range of dog agility equipment. This initiative has transformed the park into a haven for dog enthusiasts, offering a variety of engaging and challenging activities for dogs of all sizes and skill levels. From agility courses to grooming stations, the equipment provided by Kapspets AAA caters to the diverse needs of both dogs and their owners.

The installation of dog agility equipment by Kapspets AAA at Doggers Park in Vadodara, Gujarat is a remarkable enhancement to the community. It offers numerous benefits for dogs and their owners, promoting physical health, mental stimulation, and social interaction. The wide range of equipment, from agility obstacles to grooming stations, ensures that all aspects of a dog’s well-being are catered to. This initiative not only improves the quality of life for dogs but also fosters a vibrant and engaged community of dog lovers.

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