The Unfair Reality of Female Dogs in India and How You Can Change It

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It is a sad fact that female dogs in India have only a  20% chance of finding a loving home. This is not just a speculation. Scientific research has shown that people often discriminate against female dogs when they want to adopt a pet. This is a tragic consequence of the human gender bias that also affects the lives of our furry friends. You may be curious, why do these adorable girls get overlooked or ignored from a litter?

One of the main reasons is the lack of education and the false beliefs about the heat cycles in female dogs (estrus cycles), or what we usually call – periods. Many people think that female dogs are messy, aggressive, or unhealthy during their periods. They also worry about unwanted pregnancies or sterilization costs. These are some of the common myths that prevent people from adopting female dogs. What are the realities and the benefits of having a female dog as a companion?

Let’s learn more about it:

Female dogs go into heat twice a year, usually between 6 to 24 months of age, depending on their breed and size. Their heat cycle lasts for about 3 weeks, during which they bleed from their vulva for about 10 days. The bleeding is not heavy or continuous, and can be managed with diapers, pads, or pants.

Female dogs are fertile and receptive to male dogs only during a few days of their heat cycle. They can be prevented from mating by keeping them indoors or away from male dogs during this time. Alternatively, they can be spayed at an early age to avoid unwanted pregnancies and health issues.

Female dogs do not become aggressive or moody during their heat cycle. They may become more affectionate or restless due to hormonal changes, but they do not lose their personality or temperament. They may also show signs of stress or discomfort due to physical changes, but they do not suffer from pain or cramps.

Female dogs do not attract unwanted male attention during their heat cycle. They may emit pheromones that attract male dogs, but they can be deterred by using sprays or collars that mask their scent. They can also be protected by supervising them closely or keeping them on a leash when outside.

Female dogs do not produce unwanted puppies during their heat cycle. They can be spayed at an early age to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of diseases such as mammary cancer, pyometra, and ovarian cancer. Spaying is a safe and common procedure that does not affect the dog’s growth, health, or behavior.

Female dogs are wonderful companions who deserve love and respect regardless of their heat cycles. They are not more difficult to manage than male dogs because of their periods. They are simply different and unique in their own ways. By understanding and accepting their natural cycles, we can provide them with the best care and comfort possible.

Let’s learn more problem with Male Dogs about it:

Male dogs may show signs of sexual frustration or desire, such as being restless, aggressive, or disobedient, and marking their territory with urine or feces on various objects.

Some common behaviors that male dogs may exhibit due to their sexual urges are:

  • Being more agitated, nervous, or aggressive: Male dogs may feel more tense or irritable when they are in the mood for mating. They may also be more likely to challenge or fight with other male dogs for dominance or access to females.
  • Being more interested in other dogs: Male dogs may pay more attention to other dogs, especially females in heat. They may sniff, lick, or mount them, or try to escape or wander to find a mate.
  • Pulling or dragging on the leash during walks: Male dogs may be more distracted or excited by the smells and sights of other dogs. They may also try to mark their territory with urine on various objects along the way.
  • Raising their legs for urine: This is a normal way for male dogs to urinate that is influenced by hormones and social factors. Male dogs may raise their legs to mark their territory and communicate with other dogs. They may also do this to cover the scent of other dogs or to make themselves appear larger and more dominant.
  • Marking territory: This is also a normal way for male dogs to claim their space and resources, signal their presence and status, and deter other dogs from intruding. Male dogs may mark their territory with urine or feces on various objects, such as motorcycle tyres, car tyres, pillars, or doors. They may prefer vertical surfaces because they can leave their scent higher and more visible to other dogs. They may also choose objects that have strong smells or have been marked by other dogs before.
  • Humping: Its known as mounting, is a common behavior in male dogs that can be embarrassing or annoying for their owners. Male dogs may hump other dogs, objects, or even human legs for various reasons, such as – Sexual arousal, Dominance, Play, Stress and lastly no female available for mating.